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We are Interested in Your Thoughts!

At Danceshopper, we are genuinely committed to providing our customers with the most satisfying shopping experience possible. Please accept our invitation to provide assistance to other shoppers just like you by writing a constructive review of the merchandise you have purchased from us.We evaluate each review received prior to acceptance for publication on our web site and request that your review ranges between 75-300 words. does not post reviews longer than 500 words.

As You Write Your Review, Please Follow these Guidelines:

1. Include only your comments on merchandise. We do not post information that is not related to the product.

2. Tell us if you like or dislike a particular product and why you feel that way about it. Other shoppers are interested in specific reasons why you feel a product is either a fantastic choice or why it is not.

3. Include other relevant comments about a product to support your views.

Reviews containing any of the following comments will be rejected for publication. We respectfully request that your review contains none of the following:

1. Your personal opinion about our web site design or attention to any error you may have noticed. Our customer service inquiry form is the appropriate place to address those issues. Please use that forum to contact us with those issues specifically.

2. Advertising, promoting or marketing of your own business, products and/or services, personal or business web sites. Your review must be written about a product purchased from us.

3. Any personal or business information including phone numbers, mailing addresses or URLs.

4. Information for alternative ordering, pricing or shipping.

5. Reviews written in violation of these guidelines will be edited as required. reserves the right to reject any publication not meeting these specific guidelines.



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