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Competition Dresses Washing & Caring Tips

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Washing Tips

1. Handwash only in lukewarm water. Use non-aggressive soap or mild washing detergent.

2. Spot clean with gentle finger pressing and massaging using a small amount of detergent. Never rub to clean. Use a soft sponge and small amount of detergent to clean a strongly soiled area. If the upper part of the dress is soiled, submerge the upper part only, leaving skirt on the outside. If the entire dress needs to be cleaned, wash in a bathtub or a large basin.

3. Never soak dress for long periods of time to avoid losing the crystal elements glued on the dress.

Drying Tips

1. Once clean, allow dress to drip and then use dry towels to absorb remaining water until fairly dry. Then place flat on a drying rack, in a shaded area, turning it at least once to get fully dry.

2. Feather decorations are made new by blow drying on medium heat.

Storage Tips

1. Store in original clothes bag, in a dark, cool and ventilated place.

2. Fold upper body gently over a clothes hanger to avoid pulling down on the shoulders and bodice.

Following the above care suggestions assures your competition dress to stay your pride and joy for a long time to come!
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