Swarovski Elements Crystal Fancy Stones
All of our Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones are only sold in original sealed-pack from Swarovski. The Swarovski® Crystal Fancy Stones are loose crystal components, available in an array of different shapes, forms and cuts. Much the same as the Round Stones, the back is pointed, and can usually be applied into metal settings with prongs or into cast settings with pre-set cavities where the Fancy Stones can be glued into. Don't forget to prepare rhinestone supply: Rhinestone picker and Swarovski crystal color chart (actual stones) to get a better idea about the colors and sizes. All available Swarovski Fancy Stones are listed below.
4120 Oval
4328 XILION Pear Popular!
4600 Octagon
4757 Galactic Fancy Stone
4122 Oval Rivoli New
4370 Fancy Stone
4610 Octagon
4773 Meteor Fancy Stone
4127 Oval New
4428 XILION Square
4627 Octagon
4795 Graphic Fancy Stone
4128 XILION Oval
4439 Square Ring
4675 Square Octagon
4809 Sweet Heart
4137 Cosmic Oval
4447 Princess Square
4678 Solaris
4810 Sweet Heart
4139 Cosmic Ring
4461 Classical Square
4706 Trilliant
4827 Heart
4161 Long Classical Oval Fancy Stone
4470 Rounded Square New
4717 Delta Fancy Stone
4831 Antique Heart
4200 Sphinx Eye
4500 Baguette
4722 Triangle
4841 Cut Off Cube
4224 Pure Leaf
4501 Baguette
4731 Kite Fancy Stone New
4869 Fireball
4227 Navette
4502 Baguette
4739 Cosmic Fancy Stone
4876 Female Symbol Fancy Stone New
4228 Xilion Navette
4527 Step Cut Fancy Stone
4744 Flower Fancy Stone
4878 Male Symbol Fancy Stone New
4230 Lemon Fancy Stone
4547 Princess Baguette
4745 Star Fancy Stone
4884 XILION Heart
4300/2 Pearshape
4565 Classical Baguette
4748 Rivoli Butterfly
4926 Oval Tribe New
4320 Pearshape New
4584 Chessboard Flat Fancy Stone
4756 Galactic Flat Fancy Stone
4927 Rhombus Tribe New
4327 Pearshape New
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