Armando Mens Striped Pocket Pants w/ Pleats 00053
Size Waist Hip Length
40 26.5inch/68cm 32inch/82cm - 34inch/86cm 44inch/112cm
42 28.5inch/72cm 34inch/86cm - 35.5inch/90cm 45inch/114cm
44 30inch/76cm 35.5inch/90cm - 37inch/94cm 45.5inch/116cm
46 31.5inch/80cm 37inch/94cm - 38.5inch/98cm 46.5inch/118cm
48 33inch/84cm 38.5inch/98cm - 40inch/102cm 47inch/120cm
50 34.5inch/88cm 40inch/102cm - 41.5inch/106cm 47inch/120cm
52 36inch/92cm 41.5inch/106cm - 43inch/110cm 48inch/122cm
54 37.5inch/96cm 43inch/110cm - 44inch/112cm 48inch/122cm
56 39.5inch/100cm 44inch/112cm - 45inch/114cm 49inch/124cm
58 41inch/104cm 45inch/114cm - 45.5inch/116cm 49inch/124cm
60 42.5inch/108cm 45inch/114cm - 45.5inch/116cm 49inch/124cm
This product's measurements are provided to help you decide the sizing of your purchase. Most of dancewear is made with stretchable fabric. All conversions are approximated by adopting the international standard sizing. Sizes and fits will vary between brands, please use this chart as a general guide to ensure a proper fit. If you are between sizes or need assistance selecting the proper size, please contact our Customer Service.