RS Atelier Mens Lorenzo Fashion Trousers
Measurement 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Waist 27.5inch/70cm 29inch/74cm 30.5inch/78cm 32inch/82cm 33.5inch/86cm 35.5inch/90cm 37inch/94cm
Hips 33.5inch/86cm 35.5inch/90cm 37inch/94cm 38.5inch/98cm 40inch/102cm 41.5inch/106cm 43inch/110cm
Thigh 20.5inch/52cm 21inch/54cm 22inch/56cm 22.5inch/58cm 23.5inch/60cm 24.5inch/62cm 25inch/64cm
Length 43.5inch/111cm 44inch/112cm 44.5inch/113cm 44.5inch/114cm 45inch/115cm 46inch/117cm 47inch/120cm
*Please note that most dancewear is made with stretchable Spandex fabric.