Preciosa Hot Fix
Genuine Czech Crystal, Preciosa’s most exclusive product Hot Fix Rhinestone MC Chaton Rose VIVA12, known for its brilliance, sparkle and glitter, it features a more intense AB effect and an even greater glue-joint resistance. Preciosa Hotfix Stones are specially designed with new low-melting-point adhesive. The unique design and structure of the stones guarantees easy application to a wide variety of materials. All of the Preciosa Hotfix stones are made to ensure better adhesion with new grey interlayer, enhancing the stones’ longevity, even on modern elastic fabrics; durable to be withstand washing or even drycleaning. Preciosa Iron On crystal gives you maximum efficiency with application in your creation process. Start it now with the popular shapes of Rivoli Hotfix, Flower Hotfix, Navette Hotfix, Square Hotfix, Pearshape Hotfix.
MC Square HF
MC Rivoli HF
MC Navette HF
MC Triangle HF
MC Flower HF
MC Chaton Rose VIVA12 HF
MC Pearshape HF
MC Baguette HF
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