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How do I review my order?

At, we make it easy to verify the status of your order. Click on the My Account link displayed on the upper right hand corner of our web page. Use your Danceshopper e-mail and password to log into your account. Click on order history to view the details of your order. You will then be able to view the status of your order. The three status categories are explained below.
When the Order Status is "Just Ordered"
This means that we have received your order but we have not yet begun processing it.
When the Order Status is "In Process"
This means that we have received your order and are either currently processing it for shipping or that it is in transit to our warehouse. Your order might be packed and just about to enter the shipping process. Please be patient for special order items, back order items and pending items. Feel free to check the Estimated Delivery Time or Contact Us for the latest update on your order.
When the Order Status is "Shipped"
This means that we have received your order, processed it and that it is currently being shipped it to you. You should have received the shipment confirmation with the tracking number. For up-to-date shipment information, please track your order using the tracking number we sent you.
International Orders
The tracking number may not be available for the standard shipment option. Some countries may not provide the tracking system and/ or may take a longer time to deliver.

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