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  Swarovski Rhinestones Basic Information
Swarovski Rhinestones Basic Information
Foiling is the process of mirror coating the reverse side of jewelry stones. With XILION, the new generation of chatons, Swarovski has introduced the exclusive platinum foiling which helps to create the never before achieved brilliance and optimal adaptation to varying colors of casings. In addition, products are also offered with an aluminum mirror finish or unfoiled.
Platinum Foiling (F)
A silver mirror that is coated with a newly developed platinum colored, protective layer.

Aluminum Foiling (M)
An aluminum mirror is applied using a vacuum coating process.

Unfoiled (U)

Vacuum metal coating processes on the surface of the crystal produce special surface effects or translucent effects, according to the application methods used.This process can be applied on both the crystal or on colors.You will find a fold out overview of the effects assortment in the front section of the Collection ("Open to See Colors & Effects") . Special color and effect cards for several product groups are also located at the beginning of the chapters.
Please find below a list of all Swarovski effects followed by an explanation of special vacuum coating processes.
Surface Effects
(Vacuum coating on the surface of the stone)
Translucent Effects
(Vacuum coating on the reverse side of the stone, effect shines through the transpare crystal)
Effect Code Name
AB Aurore Boreale
CAL Comet Argent Light
COP Copper
DOR Dorado
GSHA Golden Shadow
HEM Hematite (only on jet)
METBL Metallic Blue
METSI Metallic Silver
NUT Nut (only on jet)
SAT Satin
SSHA Silver Shade
TRA Transmission
Effect Code Name
BBL Bermuda Blue
HEL Heliotrope
MBL Meridian Blue
SAG Sage
SAH Sahara
SBL Sky Blue (only on White Opal)
STS Star Shine (only on White Opal)
TAB Tabac
VL Vitrail Light
VM Vitrail Medium
VOL Volcano
Variations on Surface Effects
The effect is used in reverse. A surface effect is used like a translucent effect (e.g.ABV on the back of the stone) or the reverse (e.g.:VMV on the front of the stone).
Only a part of the stone is treated for an effect (e.g.HELZ).
Effects on three sides of a cube shape (e.g.ABB).
Both sides of the stone are treated with an effect (e.g.AB2).
Special Surface Effects
Using special chemical and mechanical processes on the surface of the stones, Swarovski has been able to achieve various special surface effects.
Effect code Name
MAT Matt Finish
FRO Frosted
The Matt Finish effect is achieved by performing a chemical matting process on the entire surface of the crystal. Small variations in the size of the stones may occur as a result of this chemical process.The Frosted effect to the surface of the stone can be achieved by using a mechanical process. Technical experience has shown that this is only possible on Flat Backs Roses.The blackening of single facets of the stone is possible through the Cosmojet effect.
Hotfix Technology
Hotfix (HF)
Hotfix technology involves applying a specially developed glue onto the reverse side of Flat Backs. The glue, which is extremely flexible, is activated by temperatures between 120 and 170°C and bonds with the carrier material. The crystal element is permanently fixed onto the carrier material during the cooling off process.
Hotfix Transparent (HFT)
This variant of the Hotfix technology is a patented bonding agent that is applied to the reverse side of non-mirror finished Flat Backs resulting in an interesting "raindrop" effect during which the crystal takes on the color of the carrier materials.
No Hotfix (NoHF)
All HotFix articles are also available as No Hotfix without glue applied onto the reverse side.
Part-cut and Uncut Articles
The standard collection also includes articles that are only part-cut or uncut.
Only part of the stone has been cut (e.g.article 5309/1).
Only the table has been cut (e.g.article 4610/2).
The stone has not been cut, but has pressed facets.
The stone has not been cut and has no facets (e.g.article 2090/4).
Laser Engraved Motifs (M)
The motifs are created using laser epigraphy. During this process the finest lines on the effect- or crystal surface are removed. Laser motifs are therefore possible for articles with effects,or for articles with pure crystal or colors.
Screen Printed Motifs
Screen printing is a process that allows a motif to be made on crystal in a range of different colors. (Because of durability concerns, the surface of the crystaI displaying the motif should not come in direct contact with the skin or be treated with a foiling.)
Affixed Chaton (MF)
The three digit number indicates the color of the stones that have been affixed with adhesive.
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