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Self- Bronzer: Pro Tan Competition Color w/Applicator
Self- Bronzer: Pro Tan Competition Color w/Applicator Capacity/Size : 250ml
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    The ultimate overnight competition self-tanning spray allows you to achieve a deep dark, long lasting tan after just one easy application. Best of all, your tan won’t run or streak and fades just like a natural tan after 5-7 days. Spray directly onto applicator, brush over desired body areas with lighter strokes around knees, elbows, ankles and hairline. You will get a beautiful instant body tanning which will darken considerably within 3-5 hours. Made in USA.

    Product Highlights:
    • Darkest tan available
    • Looks natural
    • Tan lasts several days

    Usage Tips:
    • Recommend to apply this tanning spray 2-3 days prior to your event to make sure to achieve the amazing color if you have never used Pro Tan bronzer before; avoid using deodorant products for a few days prior to your application of Pro Tan sun tanning spray
    • Allow 30 minutes to dry before direct contact with clothes or water more...
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    About Pro Tan:

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