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Crystyler Flat Back Rhinestone Applicator
Crystyler Flat Back Rhinestone Applicator
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    Creating your very own sparkling style has never been easier. The Crystyler, an innovative crystal-setting tool - tool tip picks up and loads flat back crystals which are released with the click of a thumb. Fast and precise method of adding sparkle to any surface to avoid the need for tweezers and wax sticks. The Crystyler is available in two sizes: Crystyler 12 in pink can pre-load with up to 100 of SS12 flat back rhinestones (30-3.20mm) in the barrel and Crystyler 20 in blue can pre-load with up to 70 of SS20 flat back rhinestonesin (4.60-4.80mm) the barrel. Rapidly delivers crystals where needed. To load the rhinestones, position the tool directly above the top of the rhinestone and move tool straight down on top of it. You will be able to release each crystal being loaded properly. Depending on the space you are working in, hold the tool perpendicular to the surface and release the rhinestone directly on the glue. The Crystyler tool is a simple and smart must-have for every DIY lover to bling out your creation. Not recommended for use with Swarovski Xilion rose (2058) flat backs. more...
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