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Bring It Up I Love My Neck Instant Neck Lift
Bring It Up I Love My Neck Instant Neck Lift
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    Bring It Up I Love My Neck Instant Neck Lift. Bring It Up Instant Neck Lifts instantly tighten and tone sagging necklines. It is designed to counteract gravity's effects helping you look ten to twenty years younger. The instant neck lifts smooth and tighten your neckline for an innovative anti-aging makeover you won't find anywhere else. Loose skin, jowls, a flabby double chin...literally vanish before your eyes and stay away until you remove the lifts. The lifts are waterproof, sweat-proof and hypo-allergenic and made of hi-quality, medical grade adhesive. Bring It Up Instant Neck Lifts will give you the refreshed, youthful-look that reflects your vibrant personality from the inside out. The neck lifts include 30 day supply. Made in USA.

    Product Highlights:
    • Tighten and tone the neckline
    • Instant result
    • Transparent
    • Easy to use

    To apply the lifts, first make sure your skin is clean and dry.
    • Run your fingers along your chin and up towards the earlobe to gather loose skin
    • Apply that half of the neck lift by placing it against your skin slightly below your earlobe where you have gathered up several folds of skin. Firmly press and smooth the lift against your skin
    • Remove the rest of the crack-and-peel backing and pull the lift upward following the C-shape behind your ear, hiding those folds behind the earlobe
    • To remove, simply lift the bottom edge and peel off in an upward direction

    Usage Tips:
    • Store at room temperature, away from heat, sunlight or moisture
    • If redness occurs, wait a day or two before resuming use. In the unlikely event that severe redness or irritation persists, discontinue use. Suntanned or sunburned skin may be more sensitive, wait until your skin is no longer sensitive before applying lifts more...
    Shipping & Returns:
    About Bring It Up:

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