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Happy Training Italy Ischia-Capri Open 2007 (4 DVD)

Happy Training Italy Ischia-Capri Open 2007 (4 DVD)   
Happy Training Italy. Ischia-Capri Open 2007. Set of 4 DVDs contains lectures from the world's best recorded at the Dance Camp at the Ischia-Capri Open 2007 in Italy.
Our Price: $248.00
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Barbara McColl
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 493 min.


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Detail Description

Happy Training Italy 2007 Box Set
Disc 1 — 126 min
Barbara McColl - Secrets in the Basic Rumba Donnie Burns M.B.E. and Gaynor Fairweather M.B.E. - Latin American Dance Denise Weavers - Samba
Rumba is a dance of love, a story between man and woman. Searching inside of ourselves to bring emotion build for partner makes your dancing much attractive. Barbara will experiment with 5 couples how to apply the intimate moment into dancing and will explore the way to express different feelings of music by improvisation dance.   What do we practice Latin American Dancing with a Partner to win competitions• The issue is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s R, S, J, P, or C. You can be more than twice faster if you dance your body weights together or counter-balanced with your partner. Donnie and Gaynor explains you how you can create a fantastic dancing with your partner by demonstrating some basic Jive and Rumba.   Each dance has different character. It is essential as a dancer to understand and to show the character of the dance. The character of Samba is Variation of Rhythms. Denise explains the importance of the rhythms created from different actions in Samba using a simple basic Samba group. The audience join in the lecture to dance the group together and explore which action creates which kind of rhythm.
Disc 2 — 128 min
Luca Baricchi - Slow Foxtrot Marcus Hilton M.B.E.- Waltz Augusto Schiavo - Tango
How do we listen and how do we express the music• The counter rotation in your spine enables you to put the music into your joints to express the music. Luca also explains how you can dance in harmony with your partner when you play with the timing of the music.   What do we expect from your partners while you’re dancing• Marcus explains, dancing with Karen, the insight of what he require from Karen as being his 'Thinking Body'. By demonstrating a small group with young dancers, he gives some tips for each step what the man and lady expect from their partners.   Augusto lectures how to apply the correct amount of energy while dancing Tango. Then he moves to the topic on what the competitors should do(and think) to become a champion. Quoting some data from the study, he guides us to understand what are the factors of TALENT, how we should PRACTICE and finally the mental approach for the competition.
Disc 3 — 115 min
Caterina Arzenton - Ballroom Dance Karen Hilton M. B. E. - Viennese Waltz Sammy Stopford - Samba
What are you ready to give to your partner when you dance• Caterina verified the importance of shadowing and how to do partnering by trying improvisation dance with her students. Communication between the man and the lady is essential to enjoy our dancing.   Because we have only 7 figures in Viennese Waltz, we need to show all 7 figures danced beautifully and accurately with beautiful picture and shift of movement from foot to foot. Karen explains the secrets and method of training to develop your musicality in Viennese Waltz.   Technique begins with music. The definition of dance is the movement TO the music. All you have to do is to learn the simple basic techniques that relates to the steps, that relates to the footwork, that relates to the music, and then use them.
Disc 4 — 124 min
David Sycamore - Quickstep Ralf Lepehne - Cha Cha Cha Espen Salberg - Paso Doble
Taking some selections of basic figures, David talks about how you can dance them with the correct technique and make them powerful to be competitive and in character with the quickstep. His lecture will allow our dancing to have contrast in speed and power, with nice musical phrase.   Clear knowledge of the rhythm makes a big difference in your dancing. If you understand what is the music and how to move to the music with a correct mechanics of Cha Cha Cha basic, you can express a play of the syncopation rhythm and strong play between partners which are the characteristics of this dance.   Paso Doble has a clear message that is a whole story of bullfight. To express the artistic Paso Doble, we need to study the philosophy of this dance and understand the meaning and what you portray in the entire dance. The lecture wrapped up with the great performance of a characterized little piece by Donnie and Gaynor.

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