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Swarovski Elements Crystal Round Stones
All of our Swarovski Crystal Round Stones are only sold in original sealed-pack from Swarovski. The Swarovski® Crystal Round Stones are loose crystal stones feature a round view-side and have a range of different cuts such as the Swarovski® XILION Chaton – the new generation of brilliance. The majority of Swarovski® Crystal Round Stones have a pointed back, which can easily be set into metal settings with prongs or into cast settings with pre-set cavities which the Round Stones can be glued into. don't forget to prepare rhinestone supply: Bond Instant Grip, rhinestone picker and Swarovski crystal color chart (actual stones) to get a better idea about the colors and sizes. All available Swarovski Round Stones are listed below.
1028 Xilion Chatons
1100 Chatons
1128 Channel Stones
1357 Brilliant Cut Chaton
1088 Xirius Chaton
1122 Rivoli Chaton
1201 Pointed Back Stones
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