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Swarovski Elements Sew On Stones
Our Swarovski Crystal Sew On crystal are only sold by pack: 10 gross (1440 stones) per pack for most sizes, 2.5 gross (360 stones) available for SS30 stones, 1 gross (144 stones) available for SS34/SS40 stones, 0.5 gross (72 stones) available for SS48 stones. Now start crystallized your mix and match idea with variety of Swarovski rhinestones from sew-on loch rose, sew-on square to sew-on flower. All available colors, sizes, quantities of Swarovski Crystal Sew-On stones are listed below.
3128 Xirius Lochrose
3230 Drop Sew-on Stone Popular!
3255 Cosmic Baguette Sew-on Stone
3270 Triangle Sew-on Stone
3188 Xirius Lochrosen
3231 Owlet Sew-on Stone
3256 Galactic Sew-on Stones
3293 Chessboard Sew-on Stone
3200 Rivoli Sew-on Stone Popular!
3240 Square Sew-on Stone
3257 Divine Rock Sew-on Stone
3400 Square Lochrose
3210 Oval Sew-on Stone
3250 Rectangle Sew-on Stone
3261 Hexagon Sew-on Stone
3700 Marguerite Lochrose
3221 Twist Sew-on Stone
3251 Space Cut Sew-on Stone
3265 Cosmic Sew-on Stone
3708 Molecule Lochrose Sew-on Stone
3223 Navette Sew-on Stone
3254 Diamond Leaf Sew-on Stone
3267 De-Art Sew-on Stone
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