Maly Mens Turtle-Neck Shirt MF-MCL003
Measurement/Size Chest Waist Hips Arm Length Length (Back)
XX-Small 76cm/29.7" - 82cm/32" 64cm/25" - 70cm/27.3" 84cm/32.8" - 90cm/35.1" 63cm/24.5" 71cm/27.7"
X-Small 82cm/32" - 88cm/34.3" 70cm/27.3" - 76cm/29.7" 90cm/35.1" - 96cm/37.4" 63.5cm/24.8" 72cm/28.1"
Small 88cm/34.3" - 94cm/36.7" 76cm/29.7" - 82cm/32" 96cm/37.4" - 102cm/39.8" 64cm/25" 72cm/28.1"
Medium 94cm/36.7" - 100cm/39" 82cm/32" - 88cm/34.3" 102cm/39.8" - 108cm/42.1" 64.5cm/25.2" 73cm/28.5"
Large 100cm/39" - 106cm/41.3" 88cm/34.3" - 94cm/36.7" 108cm/42.1" - 114cm/44.5" 65cm/25.4" 73cm/28.5"
X-Large 106cm/41.3" - 112cm/43.7" 94cm/36.7" - 100cm/39" 114cm/44.5" - 120cm/46.8" 65.5cm/25.6" 74cm/28.9"
*Please note that most dancewear is made with stretchable Spandex fabric.