DSI Juvenile Trousers w/ Belt Loops & Pockets 1066
Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Waist 22inch/56cm 22.5inch/58cm 23.5inch/60cm 24inch/61cm 24.5inch/63cm 25.5inch/65cm 26inch/67cm 27inch/69cm 28inch/71cm 28.5inch/73cm
Hip 24inch/61cm 25inch/64cm 26inch/67cm 27.5inch/70cm 28.5inch/73cm 30inch/76cm 31inch/79cm 32inch/82cm 33.5inch/85cm 34.5inch/88cm
Thigh 14.5inch/37cm 15inch/38cm 15.5inch/40cm 17inch/44cm 18.5inch/47cm 19.5inch/50cm 20.5inch/53cm 22inch/56cm 23inch/59cm 24.5inch/62cm
Trouser Length (Inside Leg) 19.5inch/50cm 20.5inch/52cm 21.5inch/55cm 23inch/59cm 24inch/61cm 25.5inch/65cm 26.5inch/68cm 28inch/71cm 29inch/74cm 30inch/77cm
*Please note that most dancewear is made with stretchable Spandex fabric.